05-27-2017 Third-Round Remarks from Jordan Spieth (-4)

Third-Round Remarks from Jordan Spieth 70-68-68--206 (-4)

Q. (Regarding caddy, Michael. )
JORDAN SPIETH: I guess he had told Damon, mine and Kelly's trainer, before the round, but he didn't tell me at all until we were walking down the 11th and he said, “Hey, this is my last hole.” I was kind of surprised.
I guess he had told Kelly at some point during the round. Kelly asked if he was okay. I thought he was acting a little strange, a little quiet. I guess it just got him early on today.
So Damon came on the bag. He's caddied for me before. Michael was really sick in Houston in 2014. Damon caddied the first round. We went bogey-free, 2-under. I let Damon down today. I made my first bogey with him on the bag by 3-putting.
It was nice to finish strong. Mike said he'll be plenty fine by tomorrow. Just needed to pack it in, otherwise something really bad could have happened. It was a no-brainer situation.
Q. (No microphone.)
JORDAN SPIETH: It's okay. We had fun. It's funny, because Damon trains Kelly, too. We actually had a blast towards the end there. I mean, both of us kind of got a little off for the first few holes in the middle of the back nine there, and then we were able to grind it out and finish strong.
Yeah, it's a little awkward, but I ended up stepping off stuff and doing everything when -- so kind of slows the pace down a little bit.
But other than that, felt fine. It was tough out there because it was so hot. Legs getting Jello-y. Real loose. Trying to tighten things up. I got a little lapse concentration for a few holes, just a dizziness where anybody would have where you're just kind of not fully there.
It kind of let me down. Made a mental mistake hitting my putt too hard. Pounded a bunch of waters and got it back at the end.
Chance for a low one tomorrow. There is no reason to hold anything back. I drove the ball tremendous today on this golf course. With this heat, I just flew I think five greens to the back pins. You just can't do that.
More greens in reg tomorrow, and let her go.
Q. (No microphone.)
JORDAN SPIETH: I knew he was going to be okay, so, no. Obviously just hoping he gets to where he needed to quick enough. He was running off to restrooms every time he saw one. I think it was just to get in the shade or pour water over himself or whatever it was.
At one point he said he had stopped sweating, and he knew it was a problem and needed to do something.
Much better the way it was. I didn't lose focus, no. I think, again, just the extra time it was taking I felt like maybe I needed to rush a little. All in all, we weren't falling behind so I didn't rush.
It ended up just being normal.
Q. Do you feel like you're very close?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, very close. I feel great. You know, gosh, I put myself in position off the tee to shoot 8-under today. My putter felt great starting the round. Missed one on 7, I missed one on 9 to the right. Threw me off a little. And think I pulled a couple later on because of that. If those go in, we're rolling.
So it's very close. Made tremendous progress this week off the last couple. Excited about tomorrow's round and then next week as we move into the U.S. Open.
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