05-26-2017 Second-Round Remarks from Kevin Kisner (-6)

Second-Round Remarks from Kevin Kisner 67-67--134 (-6)

Q. How different were the rounds, yesterday to today?
KEVIN KISNER: Pretty similar. I only had one bogey each day. Played nicely coming down the fairway, which you got to do around here.
Probably got all better into the draw with the weather, the wind laying down this afternoon and picking up yesterday afternoon.
So it's been a nice two days for me.
Q. (No microphone.)
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, been struggling with my putting a little bit the last month or so, so nice to see some going in, especially yesterday.
Looking forward to the weekend.
Q. Congratulations. How sweet was it to watch the last putt drop at No 9? You were battling to get to 6-under par; you finally got there.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, it is a good three shots basically on that hole, and couldn't put it in a better place to make a putt right to left up the hill.
Always nice to finish that way. Make dinner taste a little better.
Q. 11 of 14 both days fairways, and 15 of 18 greens both days; 3-under, 3-under. Has it been that consistent?
KEVIN KISNER: It has. I've played really conservative on the pins I didn't like. I just love the golf course. I feel super comfortable. I know the pins I wants to go after and the pins I don't.
It's just like what I grew up on, so that's why I love it.
Q. How much of a mental grind is this first couple days. You have to battle the winds. It's not a long course, but got to think on every shot. I saw you trying to get some shade every once in a while. How mentally tough was it out there?
KEVIN KISNER: Probably the first time the heat has been up that high for us all year. Getting accustomed is what I was trying to do. I'm from this type of weather so I appreciated it. I like when the body moves well.
It's a fun golf course to play. I just love being here.
Q. Thoughts now as you go into the weekend. You guys are at 6-under par, and it looks like we could have a weekend where we could have ten, fifteen hunting that leaderboard.
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, there was a bunch of guys with this three or four shots of the lead. You just never know on the PGA Tour. Guys don't ever quit making birdies.
We got to keep making birdies and we'll look up on Sunday and see if we have a chance.
Q. How would you rank this as far as courses that you like on the PGA Tour?
KEVIN KISNER: Top 5, if not the best. I love Hilton Head just because it's a home game pretty much, but this is just like what I grew up on. Tight, small greens. You got to fit it in windows of not a lot of long irons into holes, which we've become accustomed to on the PGA Tour.
Q. Any hole you feel uncomfortable?
KEVIN KISNER: Oh, there is tons. 13 today? Nobody wants to hit that shot where that pin is and into the wind.
You know, 5, nobody likes that hole either, but it's just a great hole. You hit a good shot, like I did today, and you're going to have a 9-iron in and make birdie.
Q. Playing with the Presidents Cup captain the last two days. Any discussion, talk?
KEVIN KISNER: We maybe had a few jabs in there. No, it was a lot of fun. I love playing with Strick. One of my good friends was caddying for him this week, Jimmy Johnson, so we have a ton of fun.
Hopefully I impressed him.
Q. You think you'll need to impress him?
KEVIN KISNER: Hopefully not. You never know how that works, how the majors and all the points work. I got to play well in the majors and I need to get a win.
Q. What is the most important thing about playing well around here?
KEVIN KISNER: Around here? Getting the ball in the fairway, because you just can't get to the small greens out of the rough. You get so blocked out with the trees if you're in the rough that you hit so many runup shots you're just not going to hit the greens with.
Probably hit 11, 12 fairways both days. You're going to hit some short irons. If you hit the green, you don't have more than about a 25-footer for birdie.
Q. Was the heat affecting you?
KEVIN KISNER: It wasn't bad. I grew up here. Maybe a little early. First time really all year we've been in this much heat. From here on out we pretty much play in heat the rest of the year.
I was fine.
Q. When you come to a course like this where you obviously have played well, do you have any more confidence than usual?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, I'm a big believer in there are courses for horses, and this is definitely my -- you know, when I made the schedule, I definitely feel like I'm going to play well here before I ever get here.
I love being here. If you play well you're going to shoot a couple under. If you don't, you'll be struggling to shoot 2-over. That's what I love about it.
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