05-26-2017 Second-Round Remarks from Webb Simpson (-6)

Second-Round Remarks from Webb Simpson 68-66--134 (-6)

Q. Webb, what a difference a day makes, right, from yesterday to today? How much was weather related to start?
WEBB SIMPSON: You know, it was blowing a lot all day really. Last couple days at least the wind has been similar on both rounds.
It's always tricky around here. Fairways are not easy to hit. But I kind of hung in there early. I wasn't hitting it great and started hitting it better coming in and made some great birdies.
Q. How about the sightlines here at Colonial? How does the course set up to your eye?
WEBB SIMPSON: Pretty good. Some tee shots a little funky looking, little doglegs here or there. We get some crosswinds blowing it can be challenging.
All in all, I like looking at it from the tee boxes.
Q. What credit would you give most to your game for the round you posted today?
WEBB SIMPSON: Probably putting. I made a lot of putts. Couple good par putts and then made some good birdie putts at the end.
Q. Does it feel like a 62 or 63?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, this golf course with this wind is so tricky. You know, starting yesterday's round I knew Thursday, Friday would be windy. I thought anything UNDER par was a great score.
And to come out yesterday and shoot 2-Under -- today I didn't get off to a great start ball striking wise. Had to make a lot of putts for par and a little squirrely here and there. The last kind of six holes was good ball striking, and made some birdies.
Q. This is the kind of course that would seem to really fit your eye. Is that how you're looking at it?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I really like it. There are a couple really tricky tee shots, sharp doglegs with a crosswind. I didn't play here for a long time. Our daughter, Mercy, was born last year early, so I came, and I guess my game has a little bit and I like it a lot better now.
Q. Is that because it just didn't fit your schedule?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it was always -- you know, pretty much halfway through the year I always wanted two weeks off. I didn't play well at Byron my first couple years, so I decided just to stay out of Texas. (Laughter.)
Q. Glad you’re back though?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, glad I'm back. Should be on the calendar for a few years now.
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