05-26-2017 Second-Round Remarks from Tony Finau (-3)

Second-Round Remarks from Tony Finau 72-65--137 (-3)

TONY FINAU: Wasn't too much, like half speed of what it was yesterday. Maybe six to ten miles an hour. By the time we got to about No. 6, our sixth hole, it started to pick up.
The good news is it was in a similar direction as yesterday. All the holes we were playing were pretty much with the same wind.
But, yeah, I played great. I played a great round golf. I got off to a good start and made a three on 1, and was just able to ride that momentum all the way through. When I needed to make some par saves, I did. Still had a couple bogeys, but finished off a nice round with a good birdie on 18.
I'm really pleased.
Q. Two birdies out of your last three?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, 16 and 18; I had about a 6-footer for birdie on 17 that I missed.
Yeah, really good round. Probably my best round I played this year with the conditions. It's tough. I drove it nicely and was able to take advantage of that.
Made some putts. One of those rounds that I needed to kind of put myself right there going into the weekends.
Q. You've played a few good rounds here. Place that obviously doesn't play to your length at all. How do you make that adjustment? Do you feel like you have to adjust too much with your game?
TONY FINAU: Not really. I think guys that hit it long can play just about anywhere. I seem to like it, I guess. Like you said, I've had some good rounds here. I consider myself a shot maker. I'm very feel when I play and I can shape it both ways.
I think that's what you need on this golf course: you need to be able to shape the ball and really make up some shots when you miss the fairway. I was able to do that nicely.
When I put myself out of position, I kind of grew up hitting out of the trees, so I'm used to hitting out of the trees. When I miss the fairway I don't freak out all the times.
I think it's just one of those golf courses that if you have some creativity you can play it, and I think I definitely have that.
Q. Did you have to hit it out of the trees today?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, I mean, I still missed quite a few fairways. Any time I did hit out of trees I hit a really good, heroic shot. Again, I grew up doing that, so I am comfortable hitting these shots around trees and stuff.
Q. How many drivers did you hit?
TONY FINAU: Hit a lot. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 11, 12. I mean, I hit like 10, 11 of them. Yeah, quite a few.
Q. (Indiscernible.)
TONY FINAU: Yeah, I felt good. I let the round get away from me yesterday on my second -- or my 11th and 12th hole, which is No. 2 and 3. Some of the easier holes playing yesterday, both downwind, and bogeyed both of those.
Really outside of that I played really good yesterday. I knew I could play well and I was hitting it fine. Just had to trust and stay confident, and I was able to do that today.
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